Cellular Symphony

Motion Graphic

Cellular Symphony is a mesmerizing 3D motion graphic depicting the intricate harmony among organelles within a cell. Through dynamic movements and diverse cellular activities, it highlights the unity in diversity essential for sustaining life. Serving as a metaphor for embracing diversity, the animation prompts viewers to contemplate its importance in fostering resilience and progress.

Post Board

Render References

Midjourney was utilized for creating cohesive style references for lighitng, color, and material. After carefully crafting a prompt that reflected the look and feel I wanted to achieve, I used the initially generated images as style references to create more scenarios in the same style. 

Initial prompt:
A colorful and cute cell model with an illustration of circular shapes on a purple background, rendered in the style of cinema4d, isometric diorama, cute cartoon design, colorful animation stills, isometric, detailed character illustrations, 3D game art, blue ice cream. The cell has tentacles around it, and there is some candy scattered nearby. It sits atop a table. In the center of the picture is a round, bright teal spot resembling a green dot, with pink lines running across its surface. --ar 73:39

Cinema 4D 

Cell organelles are individually modeled in Cinema 4D. Cloners with random effectors allow for them to move in more organic ways within 3D space. Multiple close camera angles and positions are created to add a sense of mystery, while slowly revealing more and more pieces of the cell over time, until the cell in its entirety is shown at the end.

Special Thanks :
Ko Maruyama