Independent Lens


Independent Lens is a modern documentary series by PBS. “Our films honor individuals whose determination in the face of challenge reflect major issues impacting our nation and our world,” says Lois Vossen, Executive Producer. An intricately crafted 22x33" poster has been created, showcasing ten films with concise descriptions and screening dates, along with details about the film series event.

The images adopt a three-dimensional approach, originating from the top left corner and expanding progressively, reminiscent of the projection of films from projectors. The imagery is rendered in a red bitmap, while the typography is layered in blue through overprinted ink. This design draws inspiration from the techniques by Dutch typographer Piet Zwart in his poster art, particularly his skillful use of overlaying images within a three-dimensional space using a two-color palette.



To optimize usability and manage costs associated with color inks, the design adheres to specific technical limitations. The poster can transform into a 12-page French-fold brochure when cut, folded, and stapled. It creatively utilizes only two ink colors, red and blue, in its print, ensuring an efficient yet visually appealing presentation. In its dual role as both a poster and a brochure, the content is arranged in a linear format. It unfolds in a chronological sequence, guiding the reader from left to right and top to bottom. The condensed version of the title is prominently positioned in the top left corner, serving as the cover and first page of the brochure. Meanwhile, the week-by-week schedule is placed in the bottom right corner, as the closing page of the brochure.


Graphis New Talent 2024 Honorable Mention

Special Thanks: Simon Johnston, Karlo Diego