Neon Lights

Motion Graphic

Kraftwerk, a visionary German electronic band established in 1970, holds a prominent place among the pioneers of electronic music. Their iconic track, Neon Lights, debuted as part of the 1978 album, "The Man-Machine." Infused with lively, luminous, and dynamic sounds, complemented by repetitive vocals, the song creates an ethereal yet uplifting atmosphere. In my creative endeavor, I translated the musical essence into a visual spectacle, using literal neon lights that dance across the screen, synchronizing seamlessly with the rhythm.

In an experimental fusion of creative tools, I seamlessly integrated the finished animation crafted in After Effects with a cutting-edge video-to-video AI program called WarpFusion. The result is an exceptionally unique and ethereal masterpiece, where the boundaries of artistic expression are pushed, creating a mesmerizing blend of visual elements. 

Special Thanks:
Daniel Sorenson, Kristopher Boyce