Wolff Olins x ArtCenter


During the Spring Term of 2024 at ArtCenter, I took on a leadership role in organizing an event featuring three distinguished professionals from Wolff Olins, a renowned design studio, to coincide with the opening of their LA studio. Responsible for both developing marketing materials and coordinating event logistics, I orchestrated a comprehensive program that included an hour-long presentation showcasing three prominent rebranding case studies, supplemented by insights into the design process. Following the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to engage in personalized portfolio reviews and discussions with the Wolff Olins team.

Wolff Olins had recently undergone a significant rebranding effort, positioning itself as a proponent of creativity and individuality within the often conventional landscape of corporate agencies. In crafting the promotional materials for the event, I infused the design system with the same dynamism and innovation characteristic of Wolff Olins. Drawing inspiration from the studio's brand identity, I devised a design concept that harmonized playful elements with the established color palette and logomark. The incorporation of bubble-like shapes, reminiscent of those found on Wolff Olins' website, infuses the posters with a contemporary aesthetic.

To further enhance the visual impact, I chose to utilize a risograph printing technique, leveraging its ability to accentuate fluorescent hues of orange and pink. The resulting subtle variations in print placement, achieved through the natural shifting of the separated color plates, impart a handmade quality to the final product, reinforcing the theme of creativity and craftsmanship synonymous with Wolff Olins.


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Special Thanks:
George Lavender, Thomas Wilder, Tyler King, Allyssa Acevedo, Alan Xu